How does your small team produce as much software as it does? — Medium

How does your small team produce as much software as it does? — Medium.

I love to find articles where great teams are doing great work.  It only helps to emphasize a soap box that I jump on day after day.  It is always, always, always, always, about great people.

Companies, Managers, HR Teams, etc….can all think what they want but at the end of the day the companies with the BEST people, empowered, equipped, and encouraged to do their BEST work are the ones that come out on top.

The sooner organizations realize that an empty seat costs a lot more money than any recruitment fee, that talking to ALL candidates makes sense -you want the best people right, then regardless of the source (vendor lists are a waste) if someone is qualified you should want to talk to them, time kills all deals -truly great people don’t HAVE to go anywhere, so the fact that managers refuse to put a priority on meeting with these candidates is the reason why they can’t get the work done.

When you make PEOPLE your priority all the rest falls into place.



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