Why Building Relationships Is the Marketing Secret No One’s Talking About

Customers, influencers and competitors should all be part of your network. You read that right: even competitors.
— Read on www.entrepreneur.com/article/314267Building Relationships is the key to everything in life!!! Why people insist that technologies will replace human interaction and make relationships, true and genuine relationships, unnecessary or meaningless is asinine to me!! People want to and need to connect to other people on an intimate and emotional level. Its how we are wired as human beings. Its never going to change or go away!! It just isn’t!!


Traffic sucks, so let’s talk about what causes it – Roadshow

Ford and Vanderbilt are looking at what causes phantom jams, and we figure out why lane expansion isn’t really successful.
— Read on www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/traffic-talk-ford-vanderbilt-2018/

In my opinion the paragraph that mentions ramp metering etc is the key.

The fact that people don’t know how to merge, or others won’t let them merge, or my favourite, those that believe that moving a lane over so that they don’t have to “let” someone merge cause that .000001 second it takes to do so is worth cutting someone else off in the lane next to them so they don’t have to let someone merge are the causes of traffic jams etc.

Fix the “merge problem” and you will solve the traffic problem.

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Candidates are not an online commodity | Greg Savage – The Savage Truth

Let’s get real. Candidates are not an online commodity. Some people would have you believe they are. LinkedIn for one. Freelancer.com and their ilk too. Oh yes, you can identify talent via digital. But actually recruiting someone you have ‘found’ is a whole different matter. It’s a romance. A seduction. And that is where the magic happens. Technology will never replace recruitment.
— Read on gregsavage.com.au/2014/06/03/candidates-are-not-an-online-commodity/

So much truth in this article it’s not even funny!!!

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