It Took Jeff Bezos Exactly 5 Words to Teach a Major Lesson in Emotional Intelligence |

It’s amazing what happens when EQ and Emotional Intelligence play a key and focal point in business decisions.


Yesterday’s announcement by Amazon reveals evidence of a remarkable and invaluable quality: the ability to learn from criticism.

Source: It Took Jeff Bezos Exactly 5 Words to Teach a Major Lesson in Emotional Intelligence |



HR & Marketing Should be working together!!

I have said for a long time that HR departments are making a mistake by not engaging their own marketing departments. HR should be leveraging marketing content for ways to sell the company, creating compelling job descriptions, conveying company culture to potential and current employees, and helping to foster an incredible experience for both current and potential employees.

Unfortunately most HR departments operate in their own silos and rely on methods that just don’t work.

I think you can and will see a direct correlation between the companies that are able to attract, recruit, hire, and retain superstar employees and companies who leverage their marketing and UX teams and content for assistance.

In-store good vs. At-home good – Signal v. Noise

Another good read from Jason Fried.  He always writes some thought-provoking stuff.

Do you know what you’re getting?

Source: In-store good vs. At-home good – Signal v. Noise

The State of Agile Software in 2018

The State of Agile Software in 2018
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It’s a good read for sure.

What Is GitOps Really?

Last year, we introduced GitOps as a way to do Continuous Delivery. In this post, we present both a practical use case as well as addressing some questions raised by the community.
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How to explain DevOps, agile, and automation like a golfer | The Enterprisers Project

What do mulligans and agile development have in common? Quite a bit. Let’s bring some tech concepts down to golf terms.
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Today’s CIOs, by the numbers: 9 telling stats | The Enterprisers Project

How is the CIO role evolving? Are CIOs truly shaping digital strategy? Deloitte’s 2018 global CIO survey offers instructive data.
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