Does It Tell A Story? – AVC

Does It Tell A Story? – AVC.

Storytelling seems to be on everyone’s mind these days!

There are companies dedicated to it, technology platforms that help you create and publish content (stories).

Consulting firms that will work with you and your team to craft the “Corporate Story” etc….

You know what ?  I think it is great !

You might dismiss storytelling as something that kids do etc…but the reality is that we as humans relate better to story when trying to digest information.  Our reactions to the stories we hear help to frame our decision making processes and allow us to be comfortable with the choices that we make or the opinions that we form.

The real challenge is creating that narrative that does what it is supposed to do and garner a reaction. Especially in an initial pitch or conversation….this is what I continue to work on daily here at Synergy Systems.

Would love to hear your take on stories, storytelling, what you are doing to incorporate stories into your day to day activities….always interested in hearing and learning so please shoot me a message….





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