How I got a job at Stack Overflow – Matt\\\\\\\’s Blog

How I got a job at Stack Overflow – Matt\\\\\\\’s Blog. There are some great nuggets of wisdom in this post, both about how to interview and prepare for a technical job interview, but also how companies should conduct and hire someone….it appears to me that Joel Spolsky and the guys at StackOverflow seem to […]


ReWork-Everyone Should Read This

. I learned about the 37Signals guys by my friend Chad Guisewaite.  Chad asked if I had read any of Jason Fried‘s stuff or watched any of his keynotes or other talks…… I went back to the office that day and immediately started to google. These guys get it.  They are efficient, they know how to work […]

Design Thinking and Recruiting-There is no special sauce…..

I have done a lot of thinking about the recruiting industry and the misconceptions that go along with it.  One misconception is that there is a “secret process”  that some firms have that make them better than others….clients are led to believe that one firm has an advantage simply because their “process” is superior…….what a bunch […]