Does It Tell A Story? – AVC

Does It Tell A Story? – AVC. Storytelling seems to be on everyone’s mind these days! There are companies dedicated to it, technology platforms that help you create and publish content (stories). Consulting firms that will work with you and your team to craft the “Corporate Story” etc…. You know what ?  I think it […]

Design Thinking and Recruiting-There is no special sauce…..

I have done a lot of thinking about the recruiting industry and the misconceptions that go along with it.  One misconception is that there is a “secret process”  that some firms have that make them better than others….clients are led to believe that one firm has an advantage simply because their “process” is superior…….what a bunch […]

Why I Hired Someone Who Showed Up Uninvited | BNET

Why I Hired Someone Who Showed Up Uninvited | BNET. Here is a perfect example where passion, desire, and creativity wins over the perfect resume, the perfect interview, the perfect candidates.. Do I advocate doing what this guy did, not exactly…but I do advocate standing up and showing the cojones to go after something that […]