I read two interesting quotes today that I am going to use from now on as the litmus test for what I post to the web. The first is from Tony Hsieh, a guy who gets it in so many ways. ” Everything I post on the web has to be ICEE. It has to […]

The Golden Rule

I was talking to my daughter Delaney Grace the other day about The Golden Rule. Treat others how you would like to be treated ! Why is this such a hard thing to do , especially in business ? I look at my business, the recruiting world, and notice that there are very few that […]

Passion…Ya Gotta Have It !

I have done a ton of thinking lately….I know I know what else is new.  I keep hearing more and more people talk about storytelling. Using Stories to develop business, to close deals, to convey new thoughts or ideas etc…  I have always agreed that this is the way to engage someone.  Tell them a […]