Does It Tell A Story? – AVC

Does It Tell A Story? – AVC. Storytelling seems to be on everyone’s mind these days! There are companies dedicated to it, technology platforms that help you create and publish content (stories). Consulting firms that will work with you and your team to craft the “Corporate Story” etc…. You know what ?  I think it […]


When is a ‘client’ not a client ? «

When is a ‘client’ not a client ? «. This is one area of recruitment where there is a grey area.  I have heard stories of companies signing every firm in town to their “vendor” list just to insure that they would not have their people poached….and this company had no intention of letting the […]

Why Customer “Relationships” Are Overrated | CustomerThink

  Why Customer “Relationships” Are Overrated | CustomerThink. I am not sure I totally agree with this statement, but there is some truth to what is being said…especially the last paragraph….it is a shame that most business don’t deliver on what they promise consistently…but it is good, very good in fact, for the companies that […]

The Golden Rule

I was talking to my daughter Delaney Grace the other day about The Golden Rule. Treat others how you would like to be treated ! Why is this such a hard thing to do , especially in business ? I look at my business, the recruiting world, and notice that there are very few that […]


I am sorry to say but I won’t be doing a dissertation on the Prince musical anthem.  No this is not a post about my being a fan of the band and their face-paint and unique style of Rock Music…. Those are all stories for another day and time. The KISS I am referring to […]

Small Details Matter

Small Details Matter. Another great post from It is all in the details….and the smallest ones are usually the ones that matter most….so pay attention…it makes a difference…. Spin