Hello phone, my old friend – RecruitingBlogs.com

Hello phone, my old friend – RecruitingBlogs.com.   There is truly something to be said for having conversations with people…be it on the phone, or live…nothing takes the place of real, live, personal interaction….and I think that people miss that these days, technology has become such a pervasive part of our life that we forget […]

Ahhhhh.. The Good Ol’ Days…….

My best friend Scott Veloria sent this my way and I just had to share…..man I miss the Good Ol’ Days….. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL MY FRIENDS WHO WERE BORN IN THE  1930’s 1940’s, 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s !  Firstly, we survived being born to mothers who drank while they carried us & lived in […]

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Lately I have had to do some thinking about metrics.  We are looking at particular metrics here at the Synergy Offices and working to decide which should be measured to optimize our performance.  We also plan to use those same metrics as a guide for new employees. I have to admit that in the beginning […]