I read two interesting quotes today that I am going to use from now on as the litmus test for what I post to the web. The first is from Tony Hsieh, a guy who gets it in so many ways. ” Everything I post on the web has to be ICEE. It has to […]

U2 and You Too

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a HUGE U2 fan.  I have been for as long as I can remember.  I have all the music, read all the books, watched all the concert DVD’s etc.. This past week I was lucky enough to go back home to Chicago and see U2 […]


I am sorry to say but I won’t be doing a dissertation on the Prince musical anthem.  No this is not a post about my being a fan of the band and their face-paint and unique style of Rock Music…. Those are all stories for another day and time. The KISS I am referring to […]

The Experience You Create Does Make a Difference

Last week my family and I spent the week in Orlando down at Disney.  The kids were excited to see the sights and experience Disney for what it is to a child.  I was excited to experience the Disney experience from a User Experience standpoint.  Much has been written about the Disney Way and how […]

Passion…Ya Gotta Have It !

I have done a ton of thinking lately….I know I know what else is new.  I keep hearing more and more people talk about storytelling. Using Stories to develop business, to close deals, to convey new thoughts or ideas etc…  I have always agreed that this is the way to engage someone.  Tell them a […]

Danny Meyer at Gel 2007 on Vimeo

Danny Meyer at Gel 2007 on Vimeo on Vimeo via Danny Meyer at Gel 2007 on Vimeo. I know that this video is a couple of years old, but it does not matter.  What he talks about, hospitality, applies to every industry.  Think about how hospitality can be applied to the recruiting industry.  Think about […]

A Collection of Friends…..

I had a dinner party last night and the subject of contacts in business came up.  A couple of my guests were talking back and forth about the level of personal information that they divulge to their business contacts….basically the gist of the conversation was if you are only doing business with the person, how […]