Hello phone, my old friend – RecruitingBlogs.com

Hello phone, my old friend – RecruitingBlogs.com.   There is truly something to be said for having conversations with people…be it on the phone, or live…nothing takes the place of real, live, personal interaction….and I think that people miss that these days, technology has become such a pervasive part of our life that we forget […]

Gratitude As A Business Strategy | Fast Company

Gratitude As A Business Strategy | Fast Company. Who would have thought it right?  Saying Thank You as a strategy to grow your business.  Valuing your customers. Being grateful for what you have vs. complaining about what you don’t ! Sounds like common sense to me….but if it is then why are more people and […]


I read two interesting quotes today that I am going to use from now on as the litmus test for what I post to the web. The first is from Tony Hsieh, a guy who gets it in so many ways. ” Everything I post on the web has to be ICEE. It has to […]

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Lately I have had to do some thinking about metrics.  We are looking at particular metrics here at the Synergy Offices and working to decide which should be measured to optimize our performance.  We also plan to use those same metrics as a guide for new employees. I have to admit that in the beginning […]


I am sorry to say but I won’t be doing a dissertation on the Prince musical anthem.  No this is not a post about my being a fan of the band and their face-paint and unique style of Rock Music…. Those are all stories for another day and time. The KISS I am referring to […]

Danny Meyer at Gel 2007 on Vimeo

Danny Meyer at Gel 2007 on Vimeo on Vimeo via Danny Meyer at Gel 2007 on Vimeo. I know that this video is a couple of years old, but it does not matter.  What he talks about, hospitality, applies to every industry.  Think about how hospitality can be applied to the recruiting industry.  Think about […]

Small Details Matter

Small Details Matter. Another great post from LifeDev.com It is all in the details….and the smallest ones are usually the ones that matter most….so pay attention…it makes a difference…. Spin

ReWork-Everyone Should Read This

.http://bit.ly/9IjtB6 I learned about the 37Signals guys by my friend Chad Guisewaite.  Chad asked if I had read any of Jason Fried‘s stuff or watched any of his keynotes or other talks…… I went back to the office that day and immediately started to google. These guys get it.  They are efficient, they know how to work […]