Why is this being looked as as a new “thing”

Peer to Peer Influencing

Just saw this article and it amazes me that people or companies are surprised by this. Claiming that Peer to Peer influencing is the next big this is ludicrous.

It’s been a Big Thing forever. People who are looking to buy things ALWAYS ask for opinions from their peers.

It’s human nature. It’s what friends and peers do. It’s basic human dynamic and not some new marketing phenomenon.

Advertisers and Agencies who are trying to find the silver bullet or sell clients on a solution…I have it for you and it’s pretty easy. Create a great product. Make sure that acquiring that product or service is convenient and the experience is awesome and keep on doing it. It’s as simple and as difficult as that.

There is no shortcut to authenticity. There is no tool or algorithm or technology that can do what true authentic human to human interaction can do. There just isn’t.

We need to stop trying to dehumanize things and instead we need to focus on making it easier for people to just be who they are and act as people. Humans are innately drawn to others. They communicate with story and experience. It’s who we are. It’s buried in our DNA. Stop trying to make that artificial. Find a way to make it REAL and AWESOME all the time and you will be successful…

Technology won’t do that for you. Only PEOPLE will!!

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