Recruiting Passive Candidates is a MUST

Great article by Dr. Sullivan. He hits the nail on the head. The days of posting and praying are over.

There is more work than there are people to do it. So people DON’T have to make a move. They don’t have to step backwards in their career. They don’t have to take a pay cut. They just don’t.

People have choices and opportunities, more now than ever!!! You need to give them a reason to move!!! You have to MOVE THEM!! If you can’t show them valid reasons why the role you are working to fill does not improve their career and their life in a very telling and substantial way then you should not be surprised if they decide to stay where they are.

Companies that don’t create an environment and culture that makes them a desirable place to work will continue to wonder why the roles they have open stay that way. The great candidates don’t have to and won’t go to work for mediocrity. They just won’t!!

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