Lots of Truth in This Statement

It’s the Truth

He is right…so very very right. It’s hard to believe that someone like Robin Williams who did so much to make other people so happy, made them laugh so hard was in so much pain. He felt so bad about himself. He felt worthless.

His story tells me two big make it HUGE things. The 1st is that your mental health is not something to take lightly. The 2nd is that you never know when someone is hurting, so you need to ask. You need to check in. You need to offer an ear, a shoulder, be a devils advocate just in case that person needs it and is too ashamed to ask for help or doesn’t know how to ask or doesn’t think it’s OK to ask for help.

I am sure everyone just assumed that Robin Williams had it all together, I mean how could someone that funny not…but he didn’t. The old adage about assuming definitely holds true when it comes to mental health.

It’s ok to not be ok and it’s definitely ok to ask for help.

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