HR Magazine – Ten trends that will reshape the future of HR

HR Magazine – Ten trends that will reshape the future of HR.

HR execs need to pay attention to what is working and what is not as the war for talent continues to be waged.  One thing to keep in mind is like with anything else you have to innovate or die.  The old way of doing things doesn’t work anymore and the sooner HR departments realise this the better off they will be.

These trends are real and the future is coming.  Leveraging technology and new ideas around recruitment and retention is not only the smart thing to do, it is the only way a company has a chance to get ahead.  Regardless of what people think, products don’t make a company; people do.  HR and Recruitment groups are critical to the success of any company.  It is time to look at recruiting for what it is, one of if not the most important function inside an organisation.

What we all have to be cautious of going forward is the fact that technology and ideas are nothing without the people behind them, and that nothing will take the place of a genuine human interaction.  Use the technology, implement the ideas, follow the trends, but at the end of the day if you treat people with respect and show them that you value who they are and what they do then you are on the right track for sure.




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