Work 3.0: How The Employment Model Needs to Change | TechCrunch

Work 3.0: How The Employment Model Needs to Change | TechCrunch.

The sooner companies realize that letting someone have the option of working remote, and allowing for the use of contractors, consultants, or talent on demand….is the sooner that the talent pool will open up and every company will be on an equal playing field when it comes to competing for the best and the brightest.

Why do you think that there are companies out there that are consistently voted the best places to work etc ….it is because they empower their employees to do their jobs in the way that is most comfortable and most productive for them….they are not concerned with everyone being in an office from 8-5 with an hour lunch break and the rest of the time their butt is in a seat, eyes faced forward, banging away at whatever task they are working to complete….

Companies need to wake up and realize that People are what makes a company great….and if you want GREAT people then you have to allow them to be GREAT…..


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