Don’t Take it For Granted……

A just got word this morning that a friend of mine passed away.  He had suffered from Cystic Fibrosis and fought a good fight, but GOD has called him home.  As I sit here thinking about David and the type of guy he was I realize that I need to do a better job of LIVING.  I look at my life and realize really quickly that I have been blessed in more ways than I deserve, but also that I take a ton for granted….a TON.

I know for a fact that David would have given anything to just be able to take a deep breath, to run, to play catch, to walk without an oxygen tank, to get a good nights sleep, to be able to teach Tae Kwon Do without any limitations…..and these are all things that I can do today, without having to worry about them (maybe not the Tae kwon Do part….)…and I take all of that for granted….

I look at myself in the mirror and realize that I have let myself get out of shape, I am heavier than I have ever been, I can’t remember the last time I really exercised, I couldn’t run a mile right now without stopping and hacking up a lung or 2….and again there are people out there who would LOVE to be able to run, or even walk…..and I take it for granted….

I think about relationships, friendships, people I know well or have just met…and realize that I don’t do enough to foster those.  I don’t pick up the phone as often as I should, I don’t write, I tune out conversations, I hold grudges and think ill of people who I believe have slighted me…..and then I realize that there are people out there who don’t have that option, or didn’t get that option before that person is/was no longer a part of their life.  Those regrets are ones that I know I would have today if I were called home…but yet I take all of that for granted….

I think of all the people that I know who are fighting cancer, addictions, crisis of faith, debilitating bone and muscle diseases, mental illness, depression, thoughts of suicide….and I realize again that I am luck and blessed and that my life is no where near as hard as some of them…but again I take it all for granted….

Guess what though…..I am probably a day later than I should be…but I have decided no more….no more taking things for granted…no more feeling entitled….no more blowing things or people off….no more laziness….no more being a fat guy just sitting on the couch doing nothing about it…..

2012 is the return of the SPINMAN….the guy that I lost a long time ago and have been struggling to find….the MOJO that has been missing….its time to stop WASTING life and start LIVING it….I can’t take it for granted anymore…..there are too many people out there who would being doing so much more with what I have and I can’t be a part of that cycle any more….

So I end this post today….my first one of 2012 wishing all of you the best for the upcoming year and to encourage you to NOT TAKE LIFE FOR GRANTED……nothing is guaranteed…..

LIVE IT !!!!

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