Should Talent and Character be enough?

I have been going back and forth this past week about talent vs. Job specs and how skewed the decision making process has become.

When I was lucky enough to partner up with The AlphaMan and recruit for VC backed start-up companies in The Valley it always seemed like we were looking to hire the most naturally talented people who were passionate about the opportunity, the company, and the chance to learn grow develop and contribute both long and short term. Why do companies in Nashville not think that way? I take that back why don’t ALL companies in Nashville think that way? There are a few that do and it is pretty cool to see.

The majority of companies here seem to be tied to a list of requirements. 5 years of this. 3 years of that. Not everyone fits into a nice little box. Why not look for the person I described above and give them the opportunity to ramp up and grow. If they are talented and passionate they will be up to speed quickly.

I know. I know. The argument of not being able to afford someone who is not immediately productive. I submit that if you truly looked at the costs associated with not having that role filled you will see quickly that the investment in the person is MUCH more cost effective than holding out for your “perfect match to your generic list”.

Think about it. Your goal whether in Human Resources or in any other department is to do what is best for the company correct? If so, and if not I would love to be a fly on the wall when you try and explain why not , why would you not want the most naturally talented people working for and with you?

“Put the best athletes on the field and let them play ball”. Try it and I promise you will see it works.

If you need help finding those “business” or “technology” athletes let me know. I talk to them all day everyday and I would be thrilled to connect you.

Have an EPIC day everyone. Remember to treat others as you would like to be treated. That my friends goes a long long way!


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