Why stick with something that is not working…..????? JUST DO IT !!

Image by Brian Mitchell via Flickr

I was having lunch with someone last week and we were talking about the HR and Recruiting process at his company.  He is a manager and is completely frustrated with the “broken” and “screwed up” process for hiring key people to his team….

He told me that he met with the “recruiting” team and told them that he wanted to go outside the approved vendor list and work with a firm he knew and knew could find the people he was looking for.  Needless to say the internal team was shocked, they could not understand why he was not satisfied with the sub par candidates they had provided.  They took issue when he called them to the carpet on the fact that the role has been open for 30+ days and he does not have any viable candidates in the mix.  They accused him of spending “corporate” money without regard because he was going to other vendors…..

He responded and said what choice did he have….the vendor list are firms that are obviously not very good, or are not very engaged in these searches…so why can’t he find a firm that is.  the internal recruiting team, and they admitted this later, can’t focus on the roles because they have too many open positions on their plates and they are spread too thin.  Finally how is he spending money that is not necessary if the firm he wants to engage is willing to work under the same terms and conditions that the current vendors are working with now…..he ended with the statement that it is costing the company more money in lost productivity to have the positions unfilled than it would be to pay fees to a recruiting firm.

Needless to say you can probably guess what happened next….yep…the internal team hemmed and hawed, talked around the issues and in the end could not come up with any valid answers to his question of why could he not go out and engage a firm of his choosing who was committed and ready to fill the openings on his team….

I am sure that there are many more stories like this and I can’t help but shake my head and wonder why…..Why if the problem is clear and the process is broken would you not fix it.  Why are we so wrapped up in bureaucracy and red tape and worrying about being “politically correct” ?  Fix the fricking problem….take pride in your work and do what you are paid to do !  Stop making excuses or trying to pass the buck….do the work !

You don’t have to stick with a process that does not work….there is a better way I promise….just have the guts to admit that what is going on is not working and put forth the effort to find what does….the sooner that happens the better off everyone will be…..it will have a butterfly effect…and you could measure the positives….but someone is going to have to get off their tail and as Nike says  “JUST DO IT ”

Can you tell this is one of my hot buttons ?  Can you tell this is a soap box I climb on often ?  It is something I am passionate about….companies the sooner you figure out how to ” Put the best athletes on the field and let them play ball”  the better !  It’s not that hard…I promise….all you have to do is “care” and “do” and engage with companies that “care” and “do”…..the rest will happen….

Get out there and make it an EPIC day…..




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