Prince first visit to ireland
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I am sorry to say but I won’t be doing a dissertation on the Prince musical anthem.  No this is not a post about my being a fan of the band and their face-paint and unique style of Rock Music….

Those are all stories for another day and time.

The KISS I am referring to today is not the romantic kind, I know ladies I am sorry.  It is the KISS used by coaches, soldiers, and Minimalists everywhere….the one and only KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.

I found myself thinking of this over the weekend while reading a post about Jack Dorsey.  Jack, as you may or may not know, is the founder and current Chairman of the Board at Twitter as well as the CEO and Co-Founder of Square.  His companies continue to innovate and take the world by storm.  They both have a common theme if you look at them.  They are both based on Simple, Friendly, Easy communication and interaction.

Jack is a designer and I have heard him quoted on more than one occasion stating ” Simple is very, very difficult” yet he aspires to create experiences that are both fulfilling and simple at the same time and that is the beauty.

I read a book this past weekend, in fact in one night,  Heaven is for Real.  Quite a powerful read for a variety of reasons, but one take away that has stuck with me is the fact that kids have it nailed.  Their ability to simply believe something with no hesitation along with the unique way of explaining something in the most basic of terms is something that goes away the older we get….and we need to get back to that.

If we can focus on being more Childlike in our beliefs and in our interactions I think the more fulfilling both will be.

We need to stop making things so difficult.  We need to stop looking for reasons not to do or believe something.  We need to tell it like it is and not work so hard to communicate in ways that are not authentic.

Imagine how cool it would be to do what it is we do, but with the happy go luck not a care in the world attitude of a kid…..

Let’s get back to being kids again and see if it makes the world and the day-to-day life we lead much more enjoyable….

Who’s with me ??????


Have an EPIC Day….




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