Passion…Ya Gotta Have It !

I have done a ton of thinking lately….I know I know what else is new.  I keep hearing more and more people talk about storytelling. Using Stories to develop business, to close deals, to convey new thoughts or ideas etc…  I have always agreed that this is the way to engage someone.  Tell them a story and let them feel what it is like to experience what you are talking about.  The thing that I realized is that it is not the “story” that engages someone…it is the passion behind that story.

Passion is contagious.  If you discuss anything with passion you will be heard.  People will take part.  They will want to do what you are doing, talk about what you are talking about, learn about what you know….it can’t be helped.  I think that is awesome…and it should be that way.  We are designed as human beings to FEEL…and with passion comes feeling.  Think about it, when was the last time you were NOT moved by someone who was just really laying it out there.  You are immediately drawn in and want to experience that…

You have to live your life with passion.  If you are not passionate about your career, then find another one.  If you are not passionate about the cause that you are supporting then find another one that moves you….you will do more for others if what you choose to do, you choose to do with passion and feeling !

We were talking at the office about one of the searches that we have.  One of our recruiters, new to our team, was trying to get a handle on how to sell the opportunity to candidates.  The point that we tried to convey to him was find something in the job, in the company, in the overall opportunity that resonates with you and jazzed you up….and use that to get the candidate jazzed.  If you are fired up about the role or the company they are going to want to see what that fire is all about.

When I am talking to clients and potential clients I am looking for that out of them.  I need them to show me what has them excited.  I need them to show me how to “sell” their organization…and the only way I am going to do that is if I see some passion.  If I can’t get any of that, then I am not going to get very excited to present the role to my team….and in turn they are not going to be very excited to talk to anyone about that role…….Passion… has to be there….

The market for great candidates is tight here in Nashville.  Companies are hiring, but the really good candidates are not going to move for the sake of moving.  They are looking at guys like me to come to them with something compelling, something that they can sink their teeth into, something that they can jump out of bed in the morning and run to the office because the are stoked about what they are working on, who they are working for, or what the product is going to do to help someone else.  That is the way that companies have to look at roles now.  Gone are the days where you put out a job spec with a list of technologies and say ” I need someone with all of this….”   Now the companies that get it are talking about what the candidate is going to be doing, where the company is going, innovations, challenges, opportunities to influence change and have their opinions be heard.  Those are the companies who have no problem attracting the good candidates…..Hiring managers take a look at how long your roles have been open, and then take a look at the job spec you wrote….there might be some correlation there….I’m Just Sayin….

The same thing goes for the people who I recruit.  I want to learn about what drives them, what jazz’s them up, what they dream about doing, what they are interested in…Why ??   First of all because I care….I got into this business 16+ years ago because I enjoy people, I enjoy learning and meeting new people.  I want to know about them.  I want to develop meaningful relationships.  I want to hear about their lives and what makes them tick.  Second because I want to listen to what they tell me and then help them find that company or role that is going to allow them to do that.  Recruiters if you are really passionate about what you do…..then you need to be paying attention.  The roles you are filling are not simple transactions, they are life changers…treat them as such.  Pay attention to what your candidates are telling you and find them the roles that resonate with them.  Don’t waste their time and yours trying to convince them that what they want does not matter….what you should be doing is instead showing them that the company that you are representing fits with what they are looking for.  That is the end-game.   For those of you who miss this point on a regular basis there are a few , real recruiters  here in town who live this everyday….I am happy to point you in their direction and I am sure they would be willing to share some insights….because we should all be doing it right….and those out there who are the real deal….you know who you are…..and I respect you guys and women a ton…..

I know I rambled and I apologize…I have never managed to be someone concise…after 39 years I think I am done trying….but at the end of it all there is a simple truth…….PASSION  YA GOTTA HAVE IT !!  you are missing out on way to much without it….so go find it…you won’t be disappointed….

Be Good…..



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