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Today is Good Friday and while I normally try to keep my opinions and thoughts on religion and christianity to myself today it is different.  I am also going to apologize for my stream of consciousness style today…

I am a Christian and I make no bones about it.  I don’t wear my faith on my sleeve, but I don’t deny it either.  I have thought a lot about my relationship with the Lord and how I go about living my life.  Today being Good Friday has really caused me to do some serious thinking and here is what I have come up with.

I have done it all wrong.  The answer is pretty simple if you think about it.  There have been bracelets made, T-Shirts, necklaces, book marks, you name it….and it all boils down to this one simple statement What Would Jesus Do ?

Jesus would stop and help those who needed help and not worry about the reasons why.  Jesus would turn the other cheek instead of getting angry and frustrated and lashing out a someone.  Jesus would be honest about everything from the simple to the complicated…no little white lies…just pure unadulterated honesty.  Jesus would give instead of receive.  Jesus would love unconditionally.  Jesus would not be prejudiced or judgemental.  Jesus would encourage instead of discourage with his thoughts, words and actions.  Jesus would be kind.  Jesus would pay attention.  Jesus would take an interest and it would be genuine.  Jesus would give 100% in everything that he did from the simple and mundane to the complicated and unique.  Jesus would be humble.  Jesus would be confident.  Jesus would be secure in who he is and what he is all about.  Jesus would stand up for what he believes in and would not waver in his convictions.  Jesus would not use the grey area….he would be all about black and white, right and wrong.  Jesus would put others before himself.  Jesus would always lend a helping hand and offer a kind word. Jesus would listen.  Jesus would be true to his word……..This list could go on and on…but the point is that Jesus would do a ton of things that I have not or won’t do.  In my mind, and in my world that has to change.  I on this planet for one reason and one reason only….to live as much like Jesus as I possibly can and through that  “Clean Living”, hope to inspire others to do the same.

I am going to use Today, this Good Friday in 2011 to change my thoughts, views and actions….I am going to , from this point forward, try my best to answer the question WWJD as I do “Life”.

I know that this is not going to be easy….and I am going to fail more than I succeed….but I am human and I am sooooo far from Jesus it is not even funny…..but like I tell my kids…..if you do your best and in your heart you know that you tried your hardest then that is all anyone can ask for…..so I intend to try to do my best….and hopefully that will make a difference to someone….

Until the sun rises to burn your eyes by revealing the dystopian reality of a world you’ve created for us, we dance fiercely with our brothers and sisters in celebration of our life, of our culture and of the values we believe in, Peace Love Freedom Tolerance Unity Harmony Expression Responsibility and Respect.

My enemy of choice is ignorance,
My weapon of choice is Faith, Truth, and Understanding
The music will never stop ,
The heartbeat will never fade,
The party will never end.

I am A Believer this is my Manifesto…


Peace Love Unity & Respect.

Be Good & Happy Easter



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