Why is it so hard to just give a crap ??????

Art by Bill Barminski ca 1996
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I have been in the recruiting game for 15 years now and it bugs me when the industry gets a bad rap.  Time and time again recruiters are thrown under the bus and railed against for issues that are out of their control.  However there is one issue, and it is key, that recruiters do have control over and there are a great majority of them who disregard it….and then they wonder why they can’t cut it…..

That issue is “giving a crap”.  Why do the hacks in the industry look at everything like a transaction?  Why do the jerks treat people like commodities ?  Why do the clowns think that clients “owe” them something ?  They do this because they don’t GIVE A CRAP !

This is a people business gang….and people care about how they are treated….the sooner that is realized the better for everyone!  So often I hear of clients talking about firms and wondering why the experience is such a bad one….My answer is simply because that firm does not GIVE A CRAP about you or your business…..they look at you as a dollar sign, a means to an end, a monetary transaction….nothing more…..Why clients put up with this is something I don’t understand but that is another post altogether….

I have yet to figure out why it is so hard to treat someone how you would like to be treated…..to be real , to be yourself, and to tell the truth….to do what is right and ethical…..to worry about building a relationship and not how fast can a deal get done…..

Truth be told though…..I hope that my knucklehead competitors in this industry who insist on doing it the WRONG way just keep on doing it, because that just means for guys like me and the others who know how to do it RIGHT….that business will come…..

So to everyone who makes the decision to approach this business from the avenue of pure Greed and Disrespect….please know that I have you in my sights and my goal is to take your clients and show them how the process and business should be…..

To take a quote from one of my favorite movies…..and this one sums up this post perfectly….

” You called down the Thunder , well now you’ve got it ! ”

Tombstone-You Tell Em I\’m Coming and Hell\’s Coming with Me….

Be Good !!!



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