Design Thinking Is A Failed Experiment. So What’s Next? | Co.Design

Design Thinking Is A Failed Experiment. So What’s Next? | Co.Design.

This is an interesting concept.  The concept of Creative Intelligence or CQ.  I for one look forward to hearing more from Bruce Nussbaum on the subject and learning more about how it is applied inside organizations.

For a long time Creativity has been downplayed as something that only goes on inside marketing departments or Ad Agencies….but it is Creativity that is the start of everything big.  Each great invention, company, etc…came from someone being creative and then being brave enough to act on that creativity…

I for one wish that more companies would look at Creativity as a way to identify talent for their organizations.  Embrace the outside the box thinkers, recruit the mavericks, take advantage of those who have ideas that seem to be way out in left field….because chances are those people are the “Game Changers” and the ones that your company needs in order to stay relevant.

What do you think???  I want to know ……Really I Do !!!!!


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